Storytelling in Fine Art (TM) | Chehaw Park - Native American and Cultural Festival - 2015

The weather was nice, not hot and light clouds casting just the right overcast for capturing the festivities in our cameras. Chehaw Park and Zoo held their annual Native American and Cultural Festival. The cultural displays presented and educational enjoyment. The native american dance where breathtaking and spectacular to watch and included interaction and participation of us in the crowd. With so many displays, exhibits and native dances the five hours spent flew by quickly yielding over 500 images captured. Here is but a small sampling (70 out of 315). These are cropped versions with a bit of lens correction and basic adjustment applied in Lightroom. All images were taken using a Nikon D810 with a Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 lens. Shot mostly in manual mode with an aperture ranging from f/4 to f/8 (trying to keep that exposure needle at or with 1/3 stop of 0) and depending on the depth of field I wanted to obtain. The ISO was fixed at 800 (later to 400 when the sun started to peak through the clouds).